• We act as strategic partners to our clients. If required, we can enter into a long term frame work agreement and provide construction related professional expertise to achieve the client’s short, medium and long term infrastructure programs.
  • Here are some specific key services we offer to ensure the effective management of the development.
  • Development Management (Including business case)
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Planning and Design Consultancy Management Programme/ Schedule Management
  • Operations planning and training for operational readiness.
  • We provide business case modelling and feasibility studies for projects, including development options, unit costs and infrastructure costs. These are modelled together with the implementation programme to provide cash flows. Variable interest rate tables and inflation rates can be applied, to derive the true cash flow. Income projections can also be added to indicate sources of development funding.
  • We capable of carrying out development programmes that include environmental impact studies and statutory planning and planning and enquiry requirements on the project.
  • Determination of Construction Contract strategy, with the associated benefits and risks tied to client’s requirements and capabilities should be addressed very early. We provide options and case and studies to enable the clients to understand procurement route and decisions made.
  • This area in which Brookfield Projects has received many accolades from their peers, particularly on major projects. Our role as Design Manager with the client starts with the development design brief and appointment of the design consultants. We work with the client and the appointed consultants in the preparation of the design definition brief.
  • Brookfield Projects has total understanding of Design Management of the requirement to keep the client in control of the design process, and to ensure that design and cost criteria are met.
  • We also help to;
  • Set achievable objectives
  • Initiate procedures for cost planning, cost control and design variation control.
  • Implement and Audit, QA procedures.
  • Prepare tendering strategy.
  • Coordinate Tender processes.
  • Examine bids.
  • Schedule the flow of production information.
  • The development and construction of any project entails risk, both financial and technical. While certain risks are inherent within a project- for example, the impact of inflation on projects viability or ground conditions on substructure design. Many can be managed out by identifying them in the early stages.
  • Cost and programme parameters can be objectively determined, and by using software simulation programmes, “cost;” and “time” envelops can be determined, and optimum figures obtained.
  • Projects can be examined for innovation in design, substructure conditions, and the effects of other developments on other aspects such as infrastructure provision and availability of materials and labor.
  • All of the above criterial can be examined, and where possible managed out of the project. The risks that are inherent in the project can be identified, and can be closely monitored and managed. value engineering
  • We have a proud track record in delivery projects with high value delivered within the defined time, cost and quality. Our project portfolio, including the cape Town International Airport and Airport and Cape Town international Convention Center, has been rated as some of the best performing infrastructure projects in the world.
  • We have been associated with a number of firsts in Africa- the Cape Town Film Studios and the biggest urban regeneration multi-billion rand project in Africa, the Cape Town Station 2030. project audit
  • We carry out project audits for clients on the design status and construction status, to evaluate value of work done, and acceptance of that work in terms of quality and meeting the project objectives.
  • We carry out management studies of projects, report on our finding and recommend what action should be taken to bring the project back on course.
  • We provide design and construction professionals who within overall project strategy, prepare elementary programmes for implementation of pre-construction, design and construction phases. Clearly defined work stages and milestones are set, monitored and alternate solutions proposed to maintain schedule. This ensures fast tracks projects are delivered on time, using the early identification of the problems so that they can overcome without affecting the overall delivery of the project.
  • Cost plans and cash flows will be set up, and all costs, including land costs, design fees, enabling works, construction, works and fitting out costs are incorporated. All actual cost, variations and projected costs are monitored and constantly updated to ensure that vital aspect of management information, the outrun costs, is readily available and understood by all members of the project team, client, designers, and if appropriate, contractor(s).


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